Rick Owens, father of the "street goth" movement, recently sat down with Business Of Fashion to discuss, well, the business of his fashions. He operates what we affectionately label "The Rickery" alongside his wife Michèle Lamy, a sort of spiritual, Native American-ish witch lady. The main takeaway here is that it would probably suck to work for Rick Owens. Dick Ovens is unforgiving of tardiness and demands perfection from those who work for him. I mean, any guy that can wear a skirt and call himself a fascist really doesn't give a fuck about your feelings. However, all of it seems to be working, whatever exactly it is that Rick is doing. Consider this, his business has grown from $40 million in 2010 to a projected $120 million this year. Where is all this money coming from? Like, shit, that many people out there have $400 for tees, $2,000 for dope ass MA-1s and a single stack for some hyperbolic basketball sneakers? Damn, keep doing you, homie.