V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling's side-piece whom all the gossip rags are clamoring for a comment from, recently made headlines through her bizarre response to the paparazzi staked outside of her crib.

First, she covered her face up with huge visors straight out of a science-fiction futuristic movie, and most recently she was filmed making proclamations like, "One day I will be president," whilst trying to get her rollerblade on in her driveway and ignore the pesky paps. If behavior like that is the type of shit you want to emulate, or you want to field test early Halloween ideas this weekend, now you can be on your V. Steez thanks to SAINTCHIC's new line of visors, dubbed V. Stiviano Paparazzi (in case you didn't get the connection on your own). Stow the sunscreen, break out the blades, and cop the visor for a mere $35 here.