Not many people can say they received a gift from iconic designer Karl Lagerfield. Theophilus London can. In his recent blog post for, Theo hints at an upcoming collaboration with Lagerfield and how the head honcho at Chanel and Fendi actually gave him a special present this past February. 

In the article, titled "No Time Like The Present: A Special Gift From Uncle Karl,"  the rapper talks about complimenting Lagerfield on a rare Dior Homme jacket. Then: being gifted one of the only two jackets made exclusively for Lagerfeld. Yeah. 

"With super-excitement, I tried it on, and it fit like a Cinderella shoe!" he wrote. "The voice inside my head screamed as loud as ever! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!...At the time he gave it to me, the jacket was a trenchcoat, but I thought it would be more chic as a blazer! So SWAG, SWAG, SWAG ME OUT, JU HEARD!" 

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