From the jump, we’ve been conditioned to meet certain dressing standards when it comes to monumental life events. Proms, dress codes at work, getting married—even in death, our corpses are expected to have alphet games on lock.

But, what about those everyday situations you may find yourself in? There’s not always a guide on how to dress to get a bodega sandwich or getting your driver’s license photo at the DMV. Staying fresh 24/7 is a tried and true method that will boost your confidence. However, it is terrifyingly easy to get too caught up in your dopeness and become too cocksure and fuck everything up. Don't say we didn't warn you about 10 Situations in Life Where Dope Clothing Makes You Too Over-Confident and You End Up Failing.

Nickolaus Sugai is a writer in NY. Follow him on Twitter @nicksugai.

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