3sixteen is one of my favorite brands, clearly. I think it all stems from the time they had just moved into their new office and were building out the Orchard St. Self Edge location. They invited a bunch of struggle bloggers to check out the new collection and they had this dope vest and toggle jacket and I remember the Street Etiquette dudes were there as well. P.S. THANKS FOR ALWAYS REMINDING EVERYONE WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL "ETIQUETTE," GUYS. Anyways, Andrew was super nice and even made me a nice coffee, while I pretended like I was going to buy something from him once the shop evenutally opened. EVER SINCE, WHENEVER I'M IN NYC, I SIT IN ANDREW'S OFFICE AND ASK HIM WHAT HE'LL DO IF HIS KIDS GROW UP TO HAVE WACK STYLE AND/OR JOIN A LAME FRATERNITY. Anyways, the 3sixteen crew have re-engineered their shirting in their collection and shit is LA FLAME. This 3/4 length shirt is fucking awesome. I'm probably gonna go ahead and actually buy this joint because I spent a lot of money on tattoos and want to show them off.  And I don't just wanna wear a regular ass short sleeve shirts because all of said tattoos are on my forearms.