In the most recent issue of W, Pharrell revealed a few tantalizing details about his upcoming sneaker and clothing collection done with adidas. In the profile piece that documents a guy who might well be the closest thing  we have to a modern-day Renaissance Man, he says,

“I have a new clothing collaboration with Adidas and it’s called Adidas = Pharrell Williams. I know I can’t trademark the equal sign, and that’s fine with me because, you know what? It’s just…equal. The ‘Happy’ video is about equality; my music is about equality, and being associated with the idea of equal got me where I am now.”

Hence the personal customization he had given to the Stan Smiths he was wearing; On the toe box of his left foot, Pharrell had drawn a green equal sign, which pointed to a yellow daisy he had drawn on his right sneaker. Scant details for sure, but the closer a drop date approaches, more info will leak, which will definitely divide an expectant audience until the moment the full collection is revealed.

[via W]