The Los Angeles Clippers and its fans have responded to racist remarks by its former owner Donald Sterling with the unifying slogan, "We Are One."

Now, the NBA has turned the phrase Clippers' fans have been chanting the last few playoff games into a T-shirt. The league has begun to sell "We Are One" T-shirts via the NBA store and inside the Staples Center. Proceeds from the shirts will go directly to anti-discrimination and tolerance organizationalong with Sterling's $2.5 million fine. The NBA partnered with adidas, the official outfitter of the league to design the shirts, which come in men, women, and kids' sizes. Fans can also choose from a tee bearing the Clippers logo beneath the phrase or the more generic NBA emblem. 

According to ESPN,  the league had to sign an agreement with a D.C. based streetwear brand, We R One, since they own the trademark. Head over to the NBA Store now to cop your "We Are One" T-shirt because it's the right thing to do. 

[via ESPN]