Virgil Abloh had success with his Pyrex Vision line, with tees and hoodies selling out and getting co-signs from Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Victor Cruz, and other modern-day style icons. So the wild buzz around his Off-White line, an extension of Pyrex, came as no surprise. 

The first Off-White collection—spring/summer 2014—was previewed in December, easily building on Virgil's existing fanbase, and converting new fans who weren't as Internet-savvy as Pyrex's initial wearers. While the pieces didn't sell out as instantly as Pyrex—maybe due in part to the higher price points—there was endless talk surrounding it in both streetwear circles and from the higher-end of the fashion spectrum. Guaranteed, there are also some guys out there who are dying to get the pieces out of their digital shopping carts and into their actual closets.