According to the NPD, a group that studies shopping numbers or something, menswear (or men's wear, as the narcs at WWD and the NYT like to call it) sales were up 5.2% in 2013. So, really, we here at Four Pins first want to acknowledge how influential we were last year in terms of making dudes buy shit they don't need, but also we just want to say, truthfully, great job, everyone. Really, you guys went out, ran your credit all the way the fuck and put together some truly dope alphets. Give yourselves a pat on the back and go cop some new sneakers to reward yourselves. You deserve it. The biggest category to see growth last year were socks, which were up 14%, so good on, Rob Kardashian. What's also noteworthy here is that the increase in sales didn't come from an increase in the volume of goods, but in the price of the goods purchased, which is a good sign because expensive shit, for the most part, is doper, meaning the collective taste level of men is on the rise.