"…are there a lot of designers that matter? That's the difference. The industry hasn't got a litmus test any more. Now, if a girls' school from Bradford has enough money to put on a show during fashion week, not only would it be reviewed but it could also get some celebrities there. And everybody gets the same review, because none of the reviews are even critical since everybody is networking to their next post. So the whole thing has imploded. Watch it die, like the banking industry." - Louise Wilson, OBE, 1962-2014

Following the Central Saint Martins professor's recent death, Dazed published an article that features not only Wilson's last interview, but the lasting impact she has had on MA Fashion students and her views on the growing relationship between fashion and the Internet. Wilson spoke of her wariness and "[trying] to stop [her] students doing random things on the internet or putting work online."

"It doesn’t get them jobs. This concept of being noticed, I don’t know what it brings you. Because it's a hell of a lot of people being noticed and having funded dinner parties and goodness knows what else, and I really don’t know if they'll still be around at the age of 40. My students are noticed by the people I respect from the quality of their work. It's not all fur coat and no knickers. It's fully knickered under the fur coat."

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