It looks like the former Louis Vuitton Vice President of Canada and Bermuda, Joon Ma, subscribes to the good old Gordon Gecko ideology that “greed is good.” She is being sued by LV for reportedly sharing confidential information with Coach where Ma is currently serving as the label’s Vice President of Global Customer Service. 

Reports from The Fashion Law state: 

“Prior to leaving LVNA for Coach, Ma transferred confidential LVNA information from her LVNA laptop computer to several external storage devices, and then deleted files and emails from her LVNA computer and email account in an effort to cover her tracks.” 

How confidential is the information? Well after being a part of LVNA’s 21-member management committee with other senior members on board allowed her access to information not privy to many. Ma also breached her contract with Lous Vuitton by not following a six-month layoff after her resignation before working with the competition.

Ma, along with Coach, is facing charges of Misappropriation of Confidential and Proprietary Information and Trade Secrets. The result is a fine of up $500,000. Ma could face more repercussions for breaching her contract that would lead her to return all transferred information, and a cease of employment from Coach for a six-month time period.

[The Fashion Law via Styleite]