In recent years, crowdfunding website Kickstarter has done wonders for both budding artists and some of the art world's most established names. It has provided Marina Abramovic with the $600,000 she needed to launch the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) dedicated to performance art for instance. With so many successfully funded art projects, Kickstarter has decided to put on an art exhibition that spotlights artists who have previously used the website to fund their artistic endeavors.

The show's roster includes heavy hitters like the Marina Abramovic Institute, Swoon, Heather Hart, and Jeremy Bailey. It will also feature works by Leon Reid IV and Saya Woolfalk, two dope artists ArtSlant recently highlighted.

Reid is a New York-based public artist who used Kickstarter to bring laughter to his fellow city-dwellers. Back in 2011, Reid turned the statue of George Washington in Union Square into Tourist-In-Chief. The hilarious public installation saw America's founding father draped in "I Love NYC" tees, toting shopping bags, maps, and cameras. Here's Reid's pitch below:

While Reid's piece was a funny and familar sight to anyone who has been to New York City, Woolfalk's works are a departure from reality. Her works are inspired by science fiction and fantasy. In 2012, the Brooklyn-based artist turned to Kickstarter and raised more than $5,000 to create a mixed-media installation and performance art piece entitled Hybrid Cosmology. She planted vibrant, Shinto gate-resembling structures on the grounds of Portland contemporary art center Disjecta. She then enlisted three Portland-based dancers and choreographed a performance that took place at Disjecta too. Watch her pitch below:

Some other artists who will be showing at tonight's event include: Marshall Arisman, Amanda Browder, Seth Indigo Carnes, Steve Lambert, Ligorano / Reese, Mary Ellen Mark, NeoLucida, Eugene Richards, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Mike Perry, Richard Renaldi, Phil Stearns, Howard Tangye, and Spencer Tunick.

Pretty sweet, right? If you're around, stop by Kickstarter's first ever art show in Brooklyn tonight. The event runs from 6-9 p.m. It's free, and you should RSVP here.

[via ArtSlant]

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