By this point, parents being terrible and dressing their kids up in menswear outfits should be nothing new to you. But the self-proclaimed (read: mom-proclaimed) "Mini Style Hacker" has taken this shit to a whole new level. Not only does this kid's mom dress him up in terrible outfits, but she purposefully bites them from celebs and grade A struggle bloggers like I Am Galla. This is such fuckshit, almost on poetic level, that we really can't even be mad. Truthfully though, even if at first glance it appears dude's mom is just using the notoriety of celebrities and bloggers to garner traffic to her page, it doesn't seem too farfetched to assume that she's essentially using her child as a flotation device into the DMs of dudes she wants bang. Okay, maybe that's just a hilarious stretch. But, I mean, there is an awful lot of Ryan Gosling and James Franco (someone we know is not above the Insta-smang) going on here. And did we mention these outfits aren't even good? Like, if you're gonna "hack" people's style at least, like, follow Four Pins on Instagram, lady. At the end of the day, we feel bad for this kid mostly because his own mother is setting him up for a lifetime of struggle fits and reprehensible swagger jacking rather than letting him choose. And if his choice just so happens to be a life of wack shit, then so be it. At least it was on lil homie's own terms.