Need Supply Co. is probably the only bastion of steez in Virginia, right? Have you guys ever been to Virginia? One time I drove through there with my best friend and we stopped at a Dairy Queen and that's pretty much all I remember. Anyways, shouts to Need Supply for putting out the 4th issue of their Human Being Journal. When you get it in the mail, the package says "HUMAN BEING INSIDE," which is whatever, but also a great way to gauge the cool factor of your building's doorman. My guy was like, "You ain’t a weird Carcosa killer are you?" when he handed me the package. I was like, "HIGH FIVE FOR SHARED POP CULTURE EXPERIENCES!" But then I opened the package up and realized this issue features interviews with Ryan McGinness and the folks from Han Kjobenhavn. Ryan McGinness is an artist you should pretend to like a lot to impress chicks that are volunteer docents and shit. When she asks you, "What's Human Being Journal?" simply respond in this manner, "Oh, a nice little magazine out of Virginia I picked it up because of the interview with Ryan McGinness." BOOM. GAME. SET. MATCH. YOU JUST IMPRESSED AN I LIKE ART TYPE GIRL.