We love ourselves some sneakers. Did you guys know that? In fact, we love both high AND low-end sneakers. Shit, we just love a good pair of sneakers. And now, there's a new luxurious sneaker for us to potentially enjoy as Tom Ford is entering the sneaker game next fall. While Ford's signature aesthetic is one of velvet dinner jackets, pinched waists and decadent aromas, the fact is, even he couldn't resist the temptations of casual footwear. For his first foray into the realm, he's presenting two simple styles, a high and low top, each of which boast stupid insano leather and even stupider insano price tags. All of them come in rich colors such as chocolate brown, butterscotch, merlot and a bunch of other colors named after foods. But, to be totally honest, the sleek shape and colors of these shoes kinda just make them look like $900 Aldo joints you'd see an Armani Exchange employee at rocking at the mall.