Last time I was in Portland, Justin Machus and I were talking about the power of Eileen Fisher. He was like, "When I was in Vegas for the womenswear shows, there were so many ill hemlines" (I'm paraphrasing). I was like, "Fuck man, moms have the illest hemlines." Then, Justin broke out some samples and I was forced to retract my statement.

He told me he was going to just full on embrace hemlines. He told me that rarity is now just essential to the Machus DNA. He showed me a neoprene black tee (the Angled Scuba Tee) with a crazy notched hemline. He was like, "See? We're going balls out."

But Machus is also going subtle with his eponymous line. The second new product launch out of Portland is a simple notch tee that basic bros (you know, the dudes who only buy New Standards from APC, but fear the "Hip-Hop Tee") can wear, but that you can also wear without compromising future forward ideals. The hemline has a little notch at the hip. Nothing major. Just enough to keep the vibes moving.