Hey you guys in NYC, did you know the Pop Up Flea is having a S/S pop up from May 9th-11th? Yeah, of course you did, you're a #menswear nerd living in NYC. You're gonna act like you're not gonna go, but then you're totally gonna go because you want to hang out and talk with the Illuminati over lukewarm beers and expensive stuff that you like, but would never buy. Instead, you'll email or DM the owners/designers later and try to get on that flow team. I've actually never ever been to the Pop Up Flea. But every year it seems to become more and more of an event, ya know? I'm hoping that by the time I eventually do get to attend a PUF in, like 2017, ACL will have an arena for strug bloggers to fight each other for RTs and free tote bags. Anyhow, hit this shit up and make sure you wear a strong alphet 'cause you know there will be at least 17 dudes with a camera there and 3 of them get published sometimes on the Internet.