Evidently, the CFDA lets designers pitch their companies to four prominent investors in Bryant Park, like some type of non-shitty fashion Shark Tank. The prize for the winner? An invitation to the CFDA's annual awards gala. I mean, sure, that's cool and all, but c'mon, we all know they're really gunning for that VC money. A invite to the dance really can't stack up to, well, stacks. The winner at this year's competition? Knitwear monster Orley, which you guys have surely heard of before because FOUR PINS.

Now that the Orley crew won and tell people that they "won tickets to the gala based on the strength of our company," anyone follows up with an "OH? REALLY?" LOL. Sorry. Yeah, I guess that's kind of a trolling pipe dream scenario on my part. Anyway, maybe with the demigawd Anna Wintour throwing her support behind Public School, and the continuing growth of the men's luxury market, we'll start seeing more young menswear brands breaking through like Orley and getting that funding and really expanding their business. That way, in five years, we can all say shit like, "The quality of the actual designs started to fall off once they got all that investment scrilla."