Notable Partners: Larisa Oleynik, Meagan Good, Alexandra Hulme, Devon Aoki, Phoebe Tonkin, Meighan Bennet, Tasha McCauley

JGL is like, the Barney Stinson of Hollywood's new class. He'll dress down now and then but for the most part this dude is always dressed like he's shutting down a red carpet or taking his girl's parents out to dinner.

If it's not a suit, then he's at least prepped out with an oxford under a pullover. It's the suit game that's given him real #menswear cred though, especially since he's not one to shy away from a typical black-grey-blue rotation and successfully switch it up, with some real vibrant shit. Perhaps it's that suited up look that has the ladies under pressure, but your boy Joe's wins go way back—he even bagged up the OG bae Alex Mack.