Did you guys know that the USA New Balance 997 hasn't been released since 1990? ME NEITHER. That means some of you reading this were barely alive, if at all, the last time whatever hipsters were called in the early '90s copped a pair of these. Thankfully, the fine folks at Need Supply got all up in that re-release. I gotta say, the 997 is most definitely a strong dad style maneuver. Isn't it totally fucking awesome when your dad gets a new pair of sneakers? They look so new and bright and vibrant against the same pair of jeans he's worn since you were 15. My dad actually never fucked with New Balance when I was a kid. He was exclusively a Nike guy. Every once in a while, I'll try and flex my influence and cop my dad some new sneakers. One time I got him a pair of New Balance 99Dads and he was really appreciative, but like any dad, only wore them to, like, dinner and work and shit and continued to go jogging and rake leaves in the same shitty sneakers he's had for a decade. Dads, amirite?!