Last year we introduced you to COS, calling it "H&M's more fashionable older brother." Today, we're bringing it up again because this shit just hit the domestic e-commerce flow, which is great news for everyone currently residing within the borders of the greatest country on the planet. To be honest I can't help but think of cosplay with this shit and thus people banging each other in costumes every time I read the brand name, so let's just call it "Not Trash H&M." Where H&M chases the latest trends, sometimes by even hiring big name designers for collaborations, Not Trash H&M is a brand that is seemingly dedicated to minimal, timeless garments. In essence, while H&M looks to Givenchy and Isabel Marant for inspiration, Not Trash H&M has its sights set on APC, Norse Projects, T by Alexander Wang and Our Legacy. Prices are comparable to that of many mainstream American brands such as J.Crew and Club Monaco, but with an aesthetic that skews European. Slim fit dad jeans will run you $115, while a full suit comes in at just under $400. Most importantly, this is type of shit you won't toss to the side after roughly three wears. Damn, did we just kind of admit that H&M is killing it? Weird.