You're probably sitting at home right now, leeching your neighbors WiFi, browsing this awesome website in a Supreme hoodie, jogger pants, and a pair of Asics, and you're thinking to yourself, "I wish  someone would design more comfortable Internetting clothes." Well, you're in luck because artist Cory Arcangel is launching a lifestyle brand with gear made exclusively for that purpose.

The "Arcangel Surfware" brand was created in collaboration with the Bravado International Group and includes "everything one needs to chill in bed all day and surf the Internet in comfort." Of course there will be sweats in the collection, but Archangel also takes it a step further with bedsheets, pillow covers, iPad cases, and music to make those hours spent clicking through incognito windows more enjoyable.

The brand will be unveiled on May 17 at the Holiday Inn in SoHo along with an installation, and the pieces will range from $39.95 to $495.95.

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[via Artspace]