Take a quick survey of your friends during a night out and at least two people, if not everyone in the whole damn room, will most likely be staring at or pulling out their phones. Even when you’re alone in a social situation, you’re guilty of checking your cellphone more than once. The solution: clothing that completely shuts off your phone.

“The Internet and smartphones have made things more convenient, but we’re spending a lot more time in the virtual world, even when we’re with real people,” Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga said. 

Morinaga designed a collection of men’s and women’s clothes made with fabrics that block radio waves, and even keeps you off the grid if you’re trying to stay low key from spies. Just slide your phone into one of the pockets, and it pretty much works like a kill switch to your virtual life.

The idea was originally thought up by Trident after fear that people were losing interest in gum (LOL).

We may not be able to stop evolution but there is a way to slow it down. Well, at least in this case. Go out there and enjoy the real world, folks.

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