OHWOW Gallery in Los Angeles presents the work of many fantastic artists, but Charlie Billingham is one who deserves much more recognition and props. His "Tender 2 The Sunshine Room" exhibition opens today and is an expanded version of his recent small-scale paintings and sculptural pieces. 

Billingham's works take an abstract approach to architecture and form, whether he's depicting houses, boats, shoes, or anything else. Some of his paintings are so abstract that the original form is unrecognizable, but nonetheless, he creates a visual network that contextualizes his depictions in a world of their own.

Using acrylic, oil, or both, on polyester, linen, tapestry, canvas, or wood panel, he reinforces the subjective nature of painting. His pieces are perfect depictions of everything aesthetically pleasing and perfect about summertime, and what a way to open the summer at OHWOW, too.

View "Tender 2 The Sunshine Room" through June 28, 2014.

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