Have you heard of Kenneth Mackenzie? He's a Scottish designer living in London, who, since roughly 1996, has been making some pretty under-the-radar, but still super covetable outerwear. Maybe 6876 rings a bell. Certainly, Kenneth's regularly collaborators, Cash CA, should.

The Eyam jacket was designed in tandem with Cash CA in 2000. It has resurfaced as part of the "Black Project" (basically a thing where there is collaboration between some brand and 6876, in which the product is black and there is fuck all in terms of PR), and in partnership with Mamnick, which seems to be a bit like a British version of FairEnds, but with more shirts and fewer caps. Have I bored you with details? Good.

Continuing, the jacket, named after some town that blockaded itself from the Black Plague, functions more or less as a wind and rain stopping cape and has dark gunmetal studs. There is good potential for reverse layering. Or, if bought oversized, good potential to just look like the dresses that Moy is trying so hard to make a thing in Detroit. Keep doing you, Jon.