Seems like just about everyone is prepping for the World Cup.

Bape becomes the latest brand to dedicate an entire collection to the upcoming FIFA soccer tournament that will pit country against country in a glorious battle. Just for kicks, the crew designed camo-covered soccer balls and warm-ups, plus morphed its ape emblem with several competing countries onto a pretty deep selection of polos and tees. Bape even rolled out a commemorative logo (half ape, half soccer ball) and threw Baby Milo onto a tee for the event in Brazil. Pretty hard not to be excited about the tourney next month when you can cop dope Bape gear that also reps the team you're rooting for. Who needs a jersey? Hit up your local Bape retailer or ZOZOTOWN nex week starting May 17 to get fresh for the games. 

[via StupidDope]