Artists are weird just like the rest of us. The difference between dudes like Salvador Dalí and most people, however, is that he embraced his peculiarities. He wore that iconic stash proudly and painted portraits of himself however he wished. 

Illustrator and expert of weird facts James Gulliver Hancock decided to celebrate the oddities of famous artists like Dalí, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo along with other historical figures like Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King Jr., Grace Kelly, and Ernest Hemingway. He's rendered illustrations of them in his signature playful drawing style and compiled tidbits of random details about them in a book of portraits entitled Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreams: Portraits of 50 Famous Folks and All Their Weird Stuff

“Collecting other people’s detritus at once makes them extraordinary and human at the same time," he writes in the intro of the book. It's a must-have for art lovers and history geeks alike. Though the Chronicle Books publication won't be released until May 6, you can click through to see some of the fun illustrations and pre-order it now. 

[via Hyperallergic]

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