This jacket is called the "Bugatti jacket," so I've already got a million daps on deck for the Gentry copywriter who avoided the obvious reference. He/she's obviously a better person than I. Buy this and your first 'Gram has to be captioned "I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI...JACKET." Exactly seven people will comment about how old that lyric is and three will question what it has to do with your new, incredibly blue jacket. I know workwear dead like Linguo, but I can't help but write about chore coats. They're just so fucking practical. And if you treat them like shit, they end up looking so dope. Rip it up, patch it up, leave it out in the sun, EVERYTHING makes it better. MAKE YOUR OWN BORO CLOTH INSTEAD OF BUYING IT ON ETSY, YA SPOILED BRAT.