"Fame is somewhat legitimate. People want to be God. People want to be remembered. People want to live in eternity," Ultra Violet said in a press release. You may not really recognize her by name, the 79-year-old artist was a superstar who mingled with the likes of Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol back in the day, a history that's been both a blessing and a curse for her. Although decades have passed since Ultra Violet starred in one of Warhol's films or hung out inside the pop king's silver Factory, she has never stopped making art, and has proven that she's much more than a Warhol groupie. In a few days, she will be opening "Ultra Violet: The Studio Recreated, April 24-May 24," an exhibition which transports all the contents of her art studio inside Dillon Gallery.

On view at the exhibition will be over 40 of Ultra Violet's works, ranging from paintings and prints to neon, found objects, and photos of herself alongside the 20th century's greatest artists. The books, records, tape recordings, and films that decorate her studio reveal something more about the artist. Additionally, her more recent works prove that the former Factory worker is unforgettable, eternal, and a challenge to Warhol's very notion of "15 minutes of fame." Click through to see some shots of Ultra Violet's studio, and don't miss the month-long exhibition before it ends May 24.

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