Damn, kids these days are fucking crazy. And, also, evidently incredibly fucking stupid. Refinery 29 and Jezebel both have reported that there are Tumblr shoplifting communities that post pictures of their hauls and support one another. LISTEN, YOU DUMB FUCKS, STEALING IS FUCKED UP. AND ALL YOU LITTLE ASSHOLES SAYING IT'S NOT AS BAD AS DOING DRUGS? YEAH IT IS. I PAY FOR MY DRUGS. MY DEALER AND I HAVE ARM'S LENGTH BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS. NOBODY EVER FEELS SLIGHTED. YOU JUST STEAL SHIT FROM THE MALL.

God, I hate teenagers. ALSO, DO YOU IDIOTS NOT KNOW THAT IF YOU PUT IT ON THE INTERNET YOU WILL BE CAUGHT? You are literally posting all of the evidence of your guilt up on the Internet probably from your home computer or that Samsung iPhone ripoff that you can't believe your parents are still making you use despite the iPhone 5 being out for, like, forever. Changing your URL from "Lil Lifter" to "Opiate for the Masses" isn't gonna do shit for you, honey. Most likely, your dumbass is gonna have to hire a lawyer to argue that you're eligible for whatever type of Youthful Trainee Act program exists in your state. Unless, of course, you're a young, suburban white girl. Then, your parents will probably just have to pay a fine and you'll do, like, 8 months to a year of probation and then write about how the experience made you a better person for your college admissions essay. We're still waiting on comment from Jameis Winston.