WOO, INDIGO TRENCH COAT ON DECK, MOTHERFUCKERS! I actually don't know why I got so excited about that. I mean, this isn't the first indigo trench coat I've seen in my life. You guys gotta really work on mastering the casual trench coat look. Without some thought, it could totally vibe casual sex offender, which, surprisingly, doesn't really make a great impression on anyone. Instead, just wear a white T-shirt with a big ass fucking gold chain. Let me repeat that, A BIG ASS FUCKING GOLD CHAIN. Not a tiny chain. Not a tasteful necklace that you inherited. A BIG ASS FUCKING GOLD CHAIN THAT YOU SPENT WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON. SO MUCH, IN FACT, THAT IT MAKES YOU NERVOUS WEARING IT ON THE STREET, BUT DON'T YOU EVER TUCK YOUR CHAIN IN. IF YOU TUCK YOUR CHAIN IN THE TERRORISTS WIN.