While Tres Bien is arguably the best store in the world, the inherent limit of any retail outlet's genius is always that it's the result of a mastery of curation. In the case of Hannes and Simon Hogemann, it's that they discovered the sweet spot between high and low garments, and essentially fathered the streetwear-meets-fashion aesthetic we love so much today. It could even be said that more than the brands from their native Scandinavia—Our Legacy, Norse Projects, Han Kjobenhavn etc.—Tres Bien has been the dominant force behind fashion's renewed interest in wearable and simple yet undoubtedly modern sportswear. All of that, however, has been leading to this, their first ever in-house collection. As expected, this shit is fucking fire. Like their store has done since '06, it seamlessly binds the best parts of their aesthetic preferences, while adding just enough detail (enlarged pockets, contrast drawstrings, extended hems) to make the pieces stand out from their counterparts. Without further delay, Tres Bien S/S 14 is set to hit Tres Bien (DUH) next week.