Tracey Emin is known for her text-based neon works, so Las Vegas seems like a logical choice for her next installation. Following her show at MOCA North Miami, the Young British Artist will bring her neon signage to Sin City's Cosmopolitan Casino.

For a project called "I Promise to Love You," six of Emin's artworks will appear as digital renderings on all the casino's LED screens as part of "PAUSE," a public art project at the Cosmopolitan. Unlike her works made from neon lights, Emin's messages will move across the screens of the casino as if they are being written across the building.

"It's fantastic that the hotel wants to do this," Emin said. "It's not about selling things. It's about love."

Emin's creations will appear every hour for three minutes on eight of the casino's screens until February 2015. The current LED installation, “New Friends,” by David Shrigley, will continue to play every half hour.

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