Spanish typeface designer Octavio Pardo is looking for backers for his latest venture, "The Tiananmen Font Project." While the project was actually inspired by the recent economic difficulties in Spain, Pardo chose to link his artistic endeavor to the Tiananmen Square massacre because, according to the designer, “there is no greater symbol of oppression."

The "Tiananmen Font Project" is a set of five typefaces, each one expressing one type of opposition.

Strike is a solid sans serif with open counters—typographic features that express unwavering commitment, and also make it easy to read from a distance.

Guerrilla is the same font as Strike, but comes in a stencil form for when it’s more opportune to express dissatisfaction with the status quo using spray paint.

Symbols is (obviously) a typeface consisting entirely of dingbats that serve to empower messages of opposition in a universal language.

Riot was designed specifically to convey less formal messages, so it’s unconventional script font with reverse stress results in letters that are less angular than would be expected.

Revolution was crafted to look like quickly painted lettering and is very complex, containing codes that dictate differential amounts of spatter to make the messages look more unique and less automatic.

Pardo’s original intention was to create one font and make it available to the public for free, but, as the years went by, his project continued to grow, and so did the costs. Contribute to this worthy cause at its Kickstarter page.

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