While promotional movie posters usually feature a few words of praise from critics applauding the work, Awful Review Posters tells it as it is, but from the perspective of a much different panel of judges.

As you can guess from its name, the makers of this Tumblr point out everything that's awful about films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, The Amazing Spider Man, and even classics like Goodfellas. They do so by replacing the 5-star critic reviews of movie promos with 1-star Amazon reviews of some very dissatisfied customers. Needless to say, the final results are hilarious, though some are arguable.

What's the complaint against Oscar-nominated, critically acclaimed films like The Wolf of Wall Street, for instance? "The film starts with an anal application of powdered crack to a hooker's bare behind," the amended poster reads. "... the rest of the movie doesn't get any better." Hey, to each his own. Check out some of the modified Awful Review Posters we've selected above, and see the rest here.

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