The Fashionable Selby book, which takes the viewer into the spaces of fashion creatives around the world, headed to Tokyo to meet the Blackmeans crew for its latest episode. 

A camera crew followed members Yujiro Komatsu, Takatomo Ariga, and Masatomo Ariga as they put in (DIY) work into old leathers. The outcomes weren't like anything you've seen before. Blackmeans mixed and matched new elements, and even chopped off sleves and applied stufs to all parts of the jackets. Even if you don't listen to punk music, or care for studs, the clip is a good example of what a little DIY can do.

Blackmeans' creations are stocked at Opening Ceremony, and it was on display at the Leather Japan exhibition in NYC.

To find more about the collective hit play.

[via Selectism