It’s really true when someone says the Internet never forgets. While you may have buried, deleted, or burned pictures of yourself wearing some god-awful trends, you are reminded once in awhile that you weren’t immune to wearing horrible, horrible clothes.

Research firm Piper Jaffray crunched some numbers together and charted teen fashion trends since 1997, and man, it’s like a bad dream of your high school days. “Over the 13-year history of our survey, we have observed notable changes in the brands teens aspire to own and wear, the influences that direct what they buy, and how teens are consuming, interacting with and sharing the brands they love,” said Steph Wissing, a senior research analyst who took part in the study.

The findings are a look back into: the days when you might have worn cargo pants everyday, a time where business causal was cool, and khakis only came with pleats. The graph also shows that there was a spike in blazers for the first quarter of 2006, but considering the time period, said blazers were probably not the sharp tailored options you wear today. Let's be real, those bad boys probably had a hoody sewn into the jacket itself.

According to the graph, today's teens are showing an increased interest in bright colors, floral patterns, and animal prints. Girls are, apparently, also digging leggings.

Check out Piper Jaffray's findings below. 

[Piper Jaffray via NYMag]