Allen Iverson immediately made his mark in the league as a young brash star who became an icon for a large portion of the NBA's fan base. And he soon was, whether he wanted to or not, playing the part of David Stern's nemesis. A.I. was one of the first high-profile players to rock tattoos, statement chains, and other facets of style that dominated hip-hop at the time, drawing the ire of Stern and the league and becoming the anti-hero we all rooted for.

His off-the-court style and demeanor were a huge part of his stardom. Leave it to Allen Iverson to show up to a post-game interview channeling Cam'ron with the blue fur, matching fitted, and white durag. But consider this: Would the legendary "Practice" rant have been half as effective if A.I. was wearing a gingham shirt and suspenders? The Answer (pun intended) is no. Case closed.