Artists around the world have been showing a lot of love for Ukraine, where the people are currently dealing with some pretty rough times and, well, Russia. Most recently, French street artist Seth Globepainter and his local artist friend Kislow traveled to Ukraine and left behind a massive mural in Kiev's old, Podil district. 

The piece Renaissance is reminiscent of a storybook illustration. It spans the side of one entire building and seems to overshadow everything else in sight, but not in a way that overwhelms viewers. On the contrary, the colorful painting, composed mainly of a blue palette, feels peaceful and full of hope.

It depicts a young, fierce-looking girl as the protector of a city. In her hand is a little boy, who is looking off into the distance. The girl wears traditional Ukrainian flowers in her hair and dons the same military jacket that the protesters in Ukraine's Independence Square wore. No doubt a symbol of Ukraine, the girl and boy in the mural represent Seth Globepainter and Kislow's belief of a better tomorrow.

[via ArrestedMotion]

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