Hey, remember when I said I like ripstop cotton? I WASN'T EXAGGERATING. I would wear this A. Four jacket all the time during spring/summer with a white T-shirt and dad jeans and a pair of destroyed canvas sneakers, so I could look like that cool tourist dad on vacation with his family in NYC who has a cool Leica camera and takes funny selfies with his kids at brunch and cooks really elaborate breakfasts for the fam on Saturday mornings and the whole family enjoys the MET and the kids are really smart and is that good kind of precocious and his wife looks smoking in skinny jeans and rocks the fuck out of some Lululemon joints at her 6am Bikram class. Yeah mang, rich dad styles are my new maneuver. Although, just 'cause I'm a cool dad with a cool camera and jacket doesn't mean '’m gonna let my kids get away with shenanigans. JUST CAUSE I'M COOL DOESN'T MEAN I'M NOT GONNA CALL YOU OUT ON YOUR BULLSHIT. I'M YOUR DAD NOT YOUR FRIEND.