Clueless. Home Alone. Friday. Wayne's World. All classic '90s movies, and Copenhagen-based Rascals has found a dope and hilarious way of incorporating them in its new video.

How exactly? Rascals got a model to wear pieces from the High Summer 2014 collection and placed him in the films mentioned above—and it looks real. If you don't watch closely enough, or if you're v stoned, you might just mistake the model for one of the actors in the movies. The wonders of video editing. 

The short clip highlights the brand's summer 2014 collection, which if you missed it, has tons of references from the good old '90s. Bucket hats, basketball and baseball jerseys, mesh details, button downs, and more are all included.

Rascals' entire High Summer 2014 collection is available in Europe now, and will hit Urban Outfitters in the U.S. on May 1. In the meantime, pop in DVDs of these films (or stream it online), because the outdoors are pretty overrated and you know it.