Either she sees a bit of herself in Miley Cyrus, or she just wants to capitalize on her fanbase, but for some reason Madonna has named the young pop singer as the new guest curator for her "#ArtforFreedom" project. 

Back in October, Madonna live "curated" art online, asking people to submit poems, drawings, Vines, and other forms of expression that answered the question, "What does freedom mean for you." Now as guest curator, Miley will join her in choosing the daily featured submissions for the ArtforFreedom website. "I’ve been so inspired by people’s submissions since we began and I welcome Miley’s input along with her fans to express themselves artistically and to share their creative ideas on the subject of human rights and freedom of speech," said Madonna in a statement. Miley chimed in by saying that "art can speak volumes -- I’m glad to join Madonna in encouraging people to have their voices heard at artforfreedom.com. It’s an ideal home to see how each of us can participate in changing the world for the better."

From inspiring sociology courses at small liberal arts colleges, to changing the world through art and music...Miley Cyrus is basically the new John Lennon.

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[via Billboard]