First V-Files gave him the spotlight. And we declared him one of the flyest kids who you hope to one day be as stylish as. Now The Cut is getting in on Mike the Ruler's royal court with a prime profile in New York Magazine.

The 13-year-old swag prince talks about his first exposure to high fashion, his favorite brands, and what he plans to do with his interests. It's a brief, but dope piece that confirms that it's deeper than a trust fund kid flexing Mom's credit card (she's a lawyer, natch) when it comes to Mike. He also reveals a true tragedy: that he doesn't even get to flex his alphets on the daily because he goes to a uniformed private school, with a bunch of fashion Philistines as peers. "They say rude crap to me about it, like, ‘What are you wearing? You look homeless, you look gay, you look stupid.' But I don’t care what they think, because they don’t get it,” he told The Cut.  Peep the flicks from his shoot below and watch the video above where he takes The Cut to one of his natural habitats: the Been Trill store on Canal Street. 

[via The Cut]