Florida is known as the place where fucked up, weird shit happens.

This past weekend, a man wearing a werewolf masked robbed a Forever 21, according to WKMG. At first, the manager didn't take the man seriously, probably because Florida is the home of bath-salt-ingesting-face-eaters. Who cares about werewolves?

Though he could have used his superhuman abilities and bitten dude's neck off, the robber went with the old school stickup move and pulled a gun out, according to police reports. That’s when shit got real. The man ordered the manager to give him the money from the cash register. But "big bills only." 

If you see a werewolf wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with black sleeves, black hood over the mask and black and white shoes, put away the silver bullets and don't go near the closest Forever 21. 

[via Jezebel]