Lupe Fiasco recently walked at the Song For The Mute show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, and spoke to Marie Claire moments before he hit the runway. Joined by Song For The Mute's designer duo Lyan and Melvin, Lupe shed some light on how his sartorial interests sprouted, what he thinks about celebrity clothing lines, and more. 

"Fashion is hard, I look to the professionals for the design side," he explained when asked how he started designing clothes. "I have a couple of friends from Japan who run a label called and Phenomenon and Swagger, which is streetwearPhenonemen is a little more experimental, and they asked if I wanted to do a collaboration. I was like, hell yeah! We did a winter collection and I came up with all this weird shit, like a rabbit’s hat and space jackets – and it sold out! So I thought, maybe I can actually do this. " 

When asked about celebrity clothing lines (including Kanye West's), the rapper said he was all for it, as long as the product was up to par and not just "celebrity hyped." 

"At the end of the day, the clothes will always speak for themselves," he told Marie Claire. "No matter how big the fashion show is, or how much marketing money you put behind it, or how many magazine ads you take out for it, if the clothes don’t stand up by themselves, without anybody in them, then it doesn’t matter who’s making them." 

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[via Marie Claire]