In a recent interview with VIBE, titled "A Changed Man," Lil Boosie spoke on developing his own clothing line, amongst other topics. Boosie's new brand, Jewel House, will allow him to profit off of his own influence. 

Lil Boosie is out, and the emancipated rapper is already making moves. After doing a collaboration with LRG, he's now also launching his own clothing line, Jewel House. He told VIBE in a recent interview that for years, he got both Coogie and LRG rich, and now "it's time [for him] to set a trend" with his new label. How does he know it'll be a success? "You know I got the hair cut trend. I'm blessed to be a trend setter," he said. 

No word on when Jewel House will release its first collection, but we have to assume just like the album, it's coming soon.

[via VIBE]