Damn, granddad collars are having a fucking moment, guys. Most of the time they're called band collars, but calling them "granddad collars" lends them just a little bit more no fucks given je ne sais quoi, no? White Mountaineering normally makes super intense technical gear that has traditional patterns and fabrics mixed in, but this shirt is decidedly non-technical or performance based, which means, despite how dope it looks, your one friend that knows more about the fashunz than you (does such a friend even truly exist?) will say something like, "Nice shirt, although you would think if you were gonna cop some White Mountaineering you'd get one of their jackets, since that's what their best known for." FUCK, THAT DUDE IS THE KING OF SHADE EVEN WHEN HE'S COMPLIMENTING YOU ON YOUR ALPHET.