Whether you actually like his style or not, one thing is fact: Kanye West is a leading the pack of modern-day influencers. If he wears a certain standout item, that piece immediately achieves grail status in the eyes of thousands. Each live performance, music video, concert tour, is now a fashion event that can make product sell out in minutes. 

And at this very moment, a lot of these holy grails happen to be on eBay and can be yours, gentle Yeezus disciple, for varying wild prices. It must be noted that some highlights, like his Givenchy leopard print-bomber or Louis V. Damier backpack were simply nowhere to be found. Login to your eBay account and peruse our list of 15 Kanye-Made Grails on eBay Right Now to see if you've got the funds to add a piece of the Kanye legend to your collection.

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