This right here is a fourteen thousand dollar baseball glove. Yup. Do people who have 14K to spend on a baseball glove even know how to play catch? Probably not, right? I don’t know. Baseball seems a pretty déclassé sport for Hermés to choose, but, then again, if I were the son of an oil magnate or some weird tech genius billionaire, I would need a nice calfskin glove to catch a brick of cocaine or various other futuristic synthetic drugs not on the market yet that I'd force my dealer throw over the wall of the family estate. I would also just randomly wear this glove while I drove a really expensive golf cart around the property, slumped off my goddamn rocker before I eventually passed out in the topiary garden. Basically, I'd be like Carlton or Will, but instead of learning a new lesson everyday, I'd just learn new ways to disappoint my wildly successful parents and ingest narcotic substances while wearing $14,000 baseball gloves. Shouts to Hermés for still charging shipping on something that costs as much as a Ford Fiesta.