Sunglasses are to summer what scarves are to winter. Yes, you can get away with not wearing them, but you probably should for style and practical reasons. See, then you can get away with not looking people in the eye when you talk to them, or can partake in the great American pastime that is staring at girl's boobs, while she asks you where the closest Starbucks is. Anyway, Tres Bien Shop just unveiled their new Sun Buddies collection. We're only going to talk about the Type 01 model here because they are the most practical and non-fashion. Essentially, they're a sleeker, less bro version of a Ray Ban Wayfarer at a comparable price, so there's really no good reason not to cop. But God forbid anyone tells you, "Hey, sick Ray Bans man." At that point you're basically required to kick them in the dick.